Warrior Hot

Each time point guard Steph Curry has taken the court during this year’s playoffs, he’s blazed a trail of 3-pointers, defensive plays, and quickness, eliciting even the likes of a tenured Tony Parker to up his game just so he can hang.

But Golden State’s Curry’s just so hot right now, it’s tough to hang in his kitchen, which is why he’s our Hottie of the Week.

Steph Curry Eyes
The Curry Show, featuring head coach Mark Jackson and the Warriors, is a fast-paced, offense-first spectacular that has captivated bball fans and lured them into cheering for northern California’s “underdogs.”


With a hurt ankle in a crucial Game 4 against San Antonio, no one, including Curry, was sure he’d be effective.

Well, not only did Curry score 22 points and help his team even the Best-of-7 series with the Spurs, he credited his mommy for encouraging him to push through the mental block.


Yep. Mama Curry helped will the Warriors to victory. AND it was Mother’s Day. And Steph Curry’s a winning man that loves his mama.

His mom’s hot. He’s hot. Every bit of it is just smoking.

Fight on, Warriors.


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