NFC-ya later, Green Bay!

A better script could not have been written by even the most brilliant minds in Hollywood.

Down 19-7 with only 4 minutes to go before facing the reality of missing a chance at a 2-peat, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson led his team to a thrilling 28-22 overtime victory over the Green Bay Packers. Handfuls of disgruntled Seattle Seahawks fans who lost faith and exited the stadium BC (before comeback) were denied re-entry and missed the finale of their franchise’s most exciting game. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy gave his post game interview through tear-stained eyes. Russell Wilson and teammates, humbled by the magnitude of their unlikely feat, joined hands through their own tears in prayer.

A sight to behold.

As is the case whenever a major “something” rocks the world of sports, the social media reaction humorously chronicled the day’s events.

Our own Morning Score host, Erica Renee Davis, acknowledged that the NFC Championship would be a tough act to follow.

Erica Renee Davis Tweet

Ellen DeGeneres expressed her loyalty to Rodgers and to the Pack despite the fact they fell short.

Ellen Tweet
Sports and life lessons go together like hands in gloves, according to Carl Quintanilla.

Carl Quintanilla

Stuart Scott, according to W. Kamau Bell, weighed in from heaven

Kamau Bell

And if you’re lucky enough to fly out of Seattle today on Alaskan Airlines, bottoms up!

Alaska Airlines

A tweet and meme from Nestle Snipes best sums up how all Packers fans are feeling today.

Netstle Snipes
Congrats to the Seahawks. You’re going to the Super Bowl … again!!

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