Todd Christie defends his “Bro-vernor:” Get a LIFE!

Besides the “Phantom Flag,” the other big story coming out of Big D last night was the scene in Jerry Jones’s press box.


In plain view, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey was turned all the way up, celebrating with Jerry himself as Tony Romo and the ‘Boys got themselves a meeting with the Pack at Lambeau for the NFC divisional round.

Twitterverse went wild.

How dare the Governor of the great state of New Jersey express any outward affinity for any NFL team other than the Jets or the Giants? Especially the Cowgirlsboys!? Especially when those Cowboys play in a stadium hundreds of miles away from where his home state’s constituents reside? Especially when he miiiiight throw himself into the mix for 2016, and everyone knows voters judge the candidate by the team for whom they cheer. Wait, what?

Seems stupid, right, that anyone would even care. Todd Christie, Governor Christie’s spitfire little brother, thinks so.

He took to his Facebook page earlier today to set the record straight.


In other words, a lot of you out there are also overweight, possibly unattractive and probably cheer for ring-less teams, so as the Governor himself would say, “shut up.”

I’m a little sister, so trust me; I know how it feels to get riled up about anything that anyone says about MY big sister. We all get it because we all do it. Most of us, however, don’t have siblings who have presidential aspirations. Kudos to you, little brother Todd.

Forget about the Governor, Todd Christie’s the one to watch.

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