Sneaky Calorie-Burning Tricks

Unlike Maria Kang, you can’t bring yourself to make the commitment of going to the gym 4-5 times a week. Or maybe you’re already a devoted gym rat looking for a few ways to work some extra exercise into your daily routine.

Here are some sneaky little ways to burn more calories throughout your day without sweating out your hair.

Commercial? Don’t Break!
So you’re watching Thursday Night Football…okay, you’re watching Scandal, and every time there’s a commercial, you hop on your tablet to Tweet about how bad (as in awesome) Olivia Pope is. Hashtag Gladiator.

Olivia Pope

Relieve yourself of your social media duties during your fave shows (trust me, everyone else will pick up the slack), and get up and move during the commercial breaks.

Jumping jacksjumping rope and even hula hooping are super easy exercises that you can do anywhere in your home during commercials. Doing this will give you 10 to 12 minutes of calorie-burning action during each hour-long show and is a healthier alternative to snacking your way through your primetime lineup.

Don’t be Scared; Take the Stairs!


There’s nothing worse than stepping on an escalator that isn’t moving or standing in a crowded elevator with people who either don’t wear deodorant or wear too much perfume. Lose, lose all the way around.

Easy solution – take the freaking stairs! Whether it’s 10 flights or 2, you’ll burn more calories climbing than you will riding, and if you make stair climbing a regular habit, you might even notice a smaller waistline. Taking the stairs is a great way to work your leg muscles while getting some light cardio.

Now Walk it Out…
Not all mommies and daddies have the luxury of being stay at home parents. But if you do have that luxury all the time or even occasionally, seize the opportunity to walk your kiddos to school.

Bond with your babies while burning calories…ummm, winning!


The morning walk will kickstart your metabolism for the day and give you a chance to clear your mind while you become one with nature (this occurs, of course, on the walk home AFTER the kid has been dropped off). Might not seem like much, but doing this regularly will help improve your cardiovascular health.

If walking your babe the entire distance is too ambitious of a goal for your hectic day, drive some of the way and walk it out the rest. Your body will thank you.

Water: Does a Body Good
I know, I know. Water’s so blah. No taste, no fun, no excitement, no sizzle. And everyone’s always forcing it down your throat telling you how important it is to drink it.

But you gotta do it. And if you already do it, probably won’t hurt to do it even more.


With no calories, carbs, sugars or any other possible diet-killers, drinking water is all good. Drinking the daily recommended amount keeps your skin clear, your joints healthy, and your bowels moving. Oh crap!

Granted, there’s virtually no thrill in drinking it, internally, your body thanks you when you hydrate with agua because you’re flushing toxins out of your system, making it easier for your body to function optimally.

Added bonus: The more water you chug, the more times you’ve gotta walk to the bathroom which – ding, ding, ding – burns more calories!

Editor’s Note: Nothing takes the place of 3 to 4, hour-long workouts each week combined with healthy eating. These tips, however, can be your intro to fitness if you’re easing yourself into a new routine or can complement one that you already have in place.

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