Mamba vs. Mama

There are a few things Kobe Bryant wants back: his marriage (check), his achilles (working on it), and a bunch of sports memorabilia that he allegedly gave to his mom. Cue the Family Feud theme music.


According to Kobe’s mommy, Pamela, the items she’s preparing to sell – Kobe’s high school sweats, his high school championship ring and trophies, one of his Lakers jerseys, several high school jerseys, and lots of other collectibles – were given to her by the Black Mamba several years ago. Mama Mamba claims when she asked Kobe what he wanted to do with his “stuff,” he told her the mementos were hers.

Now that the Goldin Auction is gearing up to auction Kobe’s goodies, he’s initiated a legal battle to reclaim his memories.


This is what happens when out-of-work, mega millionaires have nothing better to do than harass their mothers.

It’s also worth noting that Pamela got a $450,000 advance from the New Jersey auction house, cha-ching she plans to use to buy new digs in Nevada.

All you folks who’ve got teddy bears and empty Boone’s Farm bottles in your keepsake chest at your parents’ house, go get your stuff now.

Mamba vs. Mama. Whose side are you on?


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