Petty vs. Patrick

Remember that song, “Fast Car,” by The Dream?

Okay, maybe you don’t, but that’s the song I think about when I hear the name, Danica Patrick.

D. Patrick
It’s a sexy tune about a girl and a fast car, and although it’s unclear as to whether the girl in the song is driving that fast car, it seems fitting for NASCAR’s sexiest kitten.

When I think of former NASCAR driver and current SPEED Channel host, Kyle Petty, on the other hand, I think of mullets.

Bring on

 Petty vs. Patrick


Why would Danica Patrick, who’s known as much for her risque’ ads as she is for being the first female racer in NASCAR’s elite series with a full-time ride in top equipment, have beef – or friction, rather – with Kyle Petty?

Kyle, who only won 8 races out of 829 starts in his 30-year-long NASCAR Sprint Series racing career, criticized Danica saying that she’s more of a marketing machine than she is a real race car driver. And despite being the son of racing legend “King” Richard Petty, Little Petty didn’t even win a race in the last 13 years of his career, missing by a loooooong shot the standard set by his dad.

Just wanna throw that out there.

And though Danica made history this year qualifying for the pole at Daytona, of her 23 starts in 2013, she has no wins – although she does finish 5 places higher than she starts. Danica has behind her the top notch equipment of Stewart-Haas Racing, a racing team with a high-performance tradition who, unfortunately, hasn’t produced success for Danica as it has for Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman. Oooor maybe Danica hasn’t produced for them. (Cue soap opera music).


At any rate, on one side of the track, we’ve got a son-of-a-bitch son of a race car legend contending that Danica’s all hype, no race, and then you’ve got Ms. who’s bringing heightened visibility and ratings to the world of race cars.

Petty vs. Patrick – whose side are you choosing?

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