They Wore Short Shorts!

Remember how much you anticipated dressing up for “Decade Day” in high school? Of course you do. At the end of the week, my Facebook and Twitter timelines are flooded with grainy pictures of adolescents posed awkwardly in front of lockers sporting pleather jackets and bell bottoms or leg warmers and Cyndi Lauper pink lipstick.

Hashtag TBT. Hashtag FlashbackFriday.

LeBron James, in his own recent “Decade Day” ensemble which channels Dr. J, would’ve shut every one of our little well-planned outfits all the way down.

LeBron James as Dr. J. Top that!

Yep. Just try to top that.

Though we’re loving the afro and secretly loving the short shorts on Bron Bron, we’re happy that the fashion of basketball uniforms has evolved from this…


…to this!


See LeBron in action in his Dr. J getup on on Instagram @KingJames.

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