You Oughta Know: Juicing 101

“To Hell with Holiday Bulge,” is what I said. Per my own advice which I encouraged you to follow, I drank my greens, I exercised outdoors, I avoided Starbucks (I’m not much of a coffee drinker, anyway), and I walked around my house butt-booty naked as a constant reminder to not over-indulge. We were all in this thing together (weren’t we?) to ward off holiday weight.


And despite my best efforts, by the time December 26th rolled around, I could see and feeeeel what I guesstimate was an extra 6 lbs. I don’t own a scale and hardly ever weigh, so I’m not 100% sure … could’ve been more like 10 lbs for all I know. I had to do the stanky leg to squeeze these holiday hips into my skinny jeans. I even tried convincing myself that water weight was the reason my rings were fitting more snug. Pffft.

What had happened was … following my own fitness tips ended up being counterproductive because while I was doing all the rightthings, I took it upon myself to do all the wrong things, too. Dressing, macaroni, Jack and coke, beer, vodka, biscuits, cranberry sauce, SEE’s Candies, any and every kind of dark chocolate with nuts in sight, brownies … I mean, really, must I go on? No, I wasn’t eating like this every day but did it enough days for it to matter. Trust me.


On Christmas Day, one of my girlfriends whom I hadn’t seen in months was at my place, and she looked AMAZE-BALLS! Not that she needed to lose weight, but she had, and it was to the tune of 20+ lbs. Her secret? Juicing! Now, I’ve been aware of juicing for years but have never tried it myself. This sexy, svelte friend of mine gave me and my other buddies a crash course on juicing for health and for weight loss during Christmas dinner. Oh, the irony!

So I started studying and researching and finding a plethora of info on the health benefits of juicing. During the juicing process, the so-good-for-you nutrients are extracted from fruits and veggies then bottled – no pasteurization or preservatives – for you to enjoy. The best juices are the cold-pressed kind because the veggies and fruit never come in contact with heat during the process which ensures the optimal nutritional value of the produce is maintained. And if you can’t get your hand on cold-pressed, find a juice bar that prepares made-to-order beverages for a good alternative. If you have a juicer at home, you’re already ahead of the game! The name of this game, though, is pure juice – no additives, no sweeteners, no artificial junk. Just natural juice.

Would you ever sit down for a meal and have kale, spinach, cucumber,celery, ginger, mint, lemons and apples? What about pineapple, pear and mint? Oooor what about parsley, raspberries, wheatgrass, spirulina, dulse, pineapples, mango and chlorella? With juicing, you can get those kinds of meals in a bottle all at one time, and the awesome thing about it is that, because it’s in juice form, the micronutrients get to your bloodstream quickly, giving your system the opportunity to use them more readily and more efficiently.pressedSome people abandon solid foods for extended periods of time and consume only juice. Others go on 1, 3 or 5 day juice cleanses to kickstart themselves into healthier eating habits. I chose to replace two meals a day with juices, eat two sensible meals, snack on lean proteins and fruit, and rev up and remix my exercise regimen. And I feel like a rockstar … well, that’s probably not a good parallel. I feel like an 18-year-old, all-star athlete.

AND I’ve lost my holiday weight.

“How can you be so sure,” you ask, “since you don’t own a scale or weigh?” Well, I weighed…finally. And let’s just say this … by the time I weighed at the beginning of last week which was two weeks into my new juice/revamped exercise regimen, I was 4 lbs heavier than my normal weight. As of today, I’m back to fighting weight with a few vanity pounds I’d like to shed because of, well, because of vanity. Duh.

Pressed Juicery is my favorite (they ship nationwide). Nekter is my runner-up. I also buy juices by Evolution Fresh at Whole Foods, Ralphs and (gasp) Starbucks.

I will stick to this current routine for at least another 3 weeks but will check back in to let you know my progress on this juice journey.

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