To Hell with Holiday Bulge!

Halloween has passed, time has fallen back and Target put up their Christmas decorations before you could fully recover from your Fireball and Jameson, costume party hangover. Meeeh.

Now you and your friends are staring at one another in disbelief saying what you say every single year at this exact time – “I cant believe it’s already the holidays.”

Well, it is. And unless you have selective memory, you know that holiday cheer means holiday pounds. But you don’t have to pack on those lbs like you’ve done so many times before. Here are some tips to help you maintain through the holidays.

Drink your greens

Kale Smoothie

Ahhh, the dreaded green smoothie. Some folks are disgusted by even the thought of drinking blended veggies. Unfortunately, green smoothies get a bad rap when really, they’re kinda tasty and their health benefits are off the charts. Having one a day is ideal as the kale scrubs and detoxifies your insides while making your skin and hair look radiant on the outside. If you’re not ready to commit to one a day, try having 3 a week during this binge-eating season. They will curb your appetite and stop you from overindulging in holiday goodies.

My favorite kale smoothie recipe is below:
1 cup chopped fresh kale, stems removed
1 cup frozen strawberries, thawed slightly
1 frozen ripe banana
1 cup Yoplait plain yogurt or half a cup of almond milk
1 cup crushed ice

Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor.
Blend. Add more ice if too thin; add a bit of milk or water if too thick.
Pour into two glasses and serve.

Get the heck outta here!
Like, literally. Leave your house, ditch that treadmill at the gym, and get your booty out that door. What’s the fun in having nice, autumn weather if you’re looking at the leaves fall from behind closed doors?


Morning or early evening runs, walks or hikes will invigorate and motivate you. And if you’re training or pre-training training for a 5k or for a half or a full marathon, this is perfect weather for logging your outdoor miles. Pick a day or two to exercise outdoors. It will improve your mood and break up the monotony of your usual routine.

Step away from the Starbucks …
…at least sometimes. Starbucks is king of convincing people that seasonal lattes are necessary for survival.

B Spears

But are you aware of how many calories, carbs and sugars you’re consuming per beverage? Some of their most popular holiday drinks are gingerbread latte, caramel brûlée and peppermint mocha. Hellooooo, dessert every day, sometimes several times a day!

Swap out that latte for a hot tea more often than not. You’ll still feel all warm and Christmas-y inside, and you can still be all hipster with your tablet, your oversized scarf, and your pipping hot drink in your comfy cubby at your corner coffee shop … minus the liquid diet killer.

Birthday. It’s your birthday.
And even if it’s not, pretend that it is and walk around in your birthday suit…at your own house or wherever … I guess.

We layer up during the holidays – scarves, boots, jackets, sweaters , etc. We get too accustomed to not seeing our bodies that, by the time we’ve started working on our “new year, new body” resolution, we’ve packed on 10 extra pounds out of ham, dressing, pie, egg nog, champagne, red velvet cake no where.

Naked is the answer.


Forcing yourself to look at yourself in all your butt-booty-naked glory throughout the day will make you more accountable. Bulges and dents won’t just “mysteriously” appear; youll see them as they’re happening which will give you more initiative to act now,not later.

Happy Holidays! Hashtag Buzz Kill!

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