The Sizzle

The Morning Score Sports Show with Erica & Trevor I Full Episode I April 13, 2016

The Dynamic Duo celebrates Mamba Day, chats about the Warriors on the brink of history & welcome to TMS Joe Gagliano, the mastermind behind ASU’s point-shaving scandal.

Joe Gagliano of ASU point-shaving infamy on pro sports betting

Joe Gagliano, mastermind of ASU point-shaving scandal, gives perspective on betting in professional sports.

The Morning Score I Red noses, nuts & Draymond

Erica & Trevor come out of the noses, Erica admits she loves nuts and then they debate Draymond’s non-suspension

The Morning Score I “Would you Rather?”

$75,000 or World Series? Charles Barkley or Stephen A? Would you rather?

The Morning Score I September 9, 2015 I Full Episode

TLC’s Container Wars star, Jason Hughes, hangs out with the Squad. Trolls, balls & fat-shaming. Get in here

The Morning Score I August 26, 2015 I Full Episode

Man boobs, rapping & predictions. Hear what the Squad is up to now!

The Morning Score I August 12, 2015

Repo Matt (Burch) from Operation Repo gets ballsy with the Squad. Want crazy stories? He’s got ’em!